Story “The Lottery”

In the short story “The Lottery” the author uses a variety of writing strategies to develop the central idea relating to human nature. Using these strategies, the author reveals to the reader that people are okay with committing crimes whenever they are allowed to. The author effectively develops this idea through her use of characterization which works to reveal character traits throughout the story. Essentially, Jackson’s use of characterization causes us to learn that individuals will do whatever they want when society deems okay.

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A Delightful Treat for a Feline Companion

When looking through a magazine, you notice tons of advertisement, right? Advertisements are made to persuade the consumer into buying various products. Without the use of advertisements, it would be tough for companies to get their product in society. 

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Bowling for Success

Remember what we have read. Have fun with it.

Bowling for Success:
How the Love for Baseball made way for an impressive HS Bowling Career

It was the 5th inning against a tough team in Lodi as Glen Rock was on a winning streak at 8-0 in April of 2017. Lodi was one of the better teams in the division and it was one of the first tough games on the slate for Glen Rock as their varsity baseball team has had a winning pedigree the past few years. With Lodi up 5-3; Matt Carbone, Glen Rock Varsity pitcher and 3rd baseman, had some doubts about getting a win as the game was back and forth from the start. But with his triple, as he was first at-bat in the 5th, he was a big contributor to Glen Rock’s win against Lodi as GR kept their winning streak alive, going 8-0 to start their season. Matt Carbone stated after his big hit in the 5th that started the comeback, “I was just trying to get on base but that hit was what we needed at the point and it was satisfying to get that win” he stated as, after his hit, they were up 8-5 in the 6th inning as they held their lead against Lodi (Carbone).

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